Assignment specification

Customer: Teracomgroup AB
Consultant: Tanja Souza, Castra AB
Assignment starting date: 2014-01-17

Project and test management in system development project “EPi Baseline”

The first two weeks of the assignment Tanja will run in parallel with the current project manager Magnus Ekman for a smooth hand-over of the project management tasks, duties and ways of working. Magnus leaves for parental leave on 28th of March. Tanja will also be the responsible test lead in the project.

When the EPi Baseline project has been delivered Tanja will continue to work as a test lead in system development projects that are run by the Teracomgroup/Product/IS Projects team. This assigment specification should be updated when the assignment focus changes or when one project is finished and another started to keep it up to date.

Technical project briefing

The project’s goal is to enable a transformation of Boxer’s web site to be responsive, i.e. work for differnt types of devices, PC, tablet, mobile phone. The enabler is to upgrade the system environment from EPi Server 6.x to EPi Server 7.5 which enables for a responsive design for the web pages. Jira is used as the tool for development using Scrum. The chosen project management process to follow is Pejl with an agile approach.

Project length: Jan 2014 — May  2014

Ny ledare till nischbolag

Azin Salarkia Ahlgren kommer att vara ansvarig konsultchef för Castra Väst systemutveckling och test i Göteborg. Read More