Castra is a consulting organization that provides senior-level consultants in the areas of business development and IT. Our consultants are experts at strategically planning, managing and implementing IT projects that support your business operations.

Castra is organized into strong niche subsidiaries that offer its employees partnership opportunities, large personal space, and skills development. Our focus on expertise and experience enables us to guarantee that our services will have the desired effect.

Castra is jointly owned by the staff, and has the short decision paths that characterize an entrepreneurial company. We have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Lindköping and Sundsvall, as well as a number of agreements in the public sector.


Castra has a vision – to build a company that consists of only the best in business development and IT. These niche businesses will all be among the best in Sweden.

We will achieve this by providing our consultants with what we know they want: the opportunity to influence, good salary conditions, and co-workers who are as equally dedicated and skilled as themselves!

Now, we realize our vision by launching a number of highly niched subsidiaries. Every new consultant with us, offered the possibility of joint ownership in the subsidiary, he or she will be working in. The partnership creates a greater commitment when everyone gets the opportunity to influence the company you work in. This offer we supplement with one of the most attractive wage models.

For the right person, there is also the opportunity to lead one of our niche companies to success. Our niche company managers have overall responsibility for the entire operation, and in return we offer them a substantial shareholding in the subsidiary they are driving.


We guarantee that our IT services have the desired effect - we are the only company in Sweden to do so.

We call this offer Power Warranty. This means: if the agreed upon work does not deliver the desired result, we will develop an action plan with appropriate measures. Of course, we execute this action plan without additional cost to the customer.

We can offer Power Warranty because we have a carefully designed follow-up process. For us, this means that we can work smarter and faster, and at the same time deliver higher quality. As everyone knows, this is all about focusing on what really matters - every day. For our customers, this means that you always have full insight into our work, and that you really do get what you pay for.



For today's business, it pays to be in control of your own IT operations and exploit the opportunities they can provide. But this can be difficult to achieve on your own. Castra can strengthen your company's IT expertise in several ways. 

Through our experience and expertise, we can help your business become more efficient and profitable. Castra’s consultants are focused on two areas, strategic services and specialist services.



Castra should be a known and respected brand in the highly skilled business development and IT arena.

We are proud to be associated with high skills and experience!



Year 2022

  • Have all niche companies be in the top 5 of their niche
  • Turn over 300 million annually
  • Be an established framework agreement supplier


It all started back in 1998 ...

... when Mikael Hammarin started Castra Consulting. Michael's vision was to create the company he always wanted to work at himself. Not the biggest, but the best! It would have the best and nicest consultants and the company would have the right feeling with dedicated employees and above all, fun at work! An acknowledgment that this was a successful concept came in 2008 – Castra won DI's Gazelle Appointment as the fastest growing company in Västra Götaland, and came in second place in Sweden!

2012: Michael felt, however, that he wanted to take the company a step further, in terms of employee engagement and opportunities. With the aim of building a modern company, Castra Consulting sold most of its operations.

The new Castra would stand on four pillars:

  • Possibility of joint ownership
  • More of our own framework agreements
  • Performance-based remuneration
  • Strong niches organized into various subsidiaries

2013: During the first year, the new Castra has gone from 7 million to 21 million in sales, and has expanded into the Stockholm, Västra Götaland, and Öresund regions. Framework agreements have been signed with SKL (SALAR) and the Social Insurance Agency.

2014: Castra has now expanded from 7 to 40 employees in the two years the new organization has been in place. Castra's agile venture, which will further strengthen our role as one of the reputed suppliers in Sweden, was launched.

2015: Castra surpasses 60 employees. New niche companies within system development started in Stockholm and Gothenburg. New offices opened in Linköping and Sundsvall. Before the end of the year, Castra was the company with the most CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) and SA (Safe Agilist) certified consultants. New public framework agreements are entered with Domstolsverket and Bolagsverket among others.

2016: Sales increase by 67 percent during the year. New public framework agreements are entered with CSN (Centrala Studiestödsnämnden) and SVP (Statens tjänstepensionsverk). A great number of new customers within the private sector. 

2017: Castra became certified by Great Place to Work. The certification is based on Great Place to Work's international standard for evaluation of workplaces. This means that Great Place to Work Sweden has done an extensive evaluation of the employees' perception of Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie in the organization. 
The company grew by 23 percent. 

2018: Castra celebrated 100 employees. Sales increased 50 percent during the year to 90 million in turnover. The region Mellansverige started and Castra got certified by Great Place to Work for the second year. Niche companies within Industry and Management started.